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From Horse Racing to Real Estate

Winning is a attitude and to be successful, it must be done with persistence, consistency and most importantly with integrity.

Real Estate Investor Don Miller Jr.

I’ve been purchasing and investing in real estate since 1983 and have worked with virtually every type of real estate in one capacity or another. I have ridden each and every turn in the market with an eye towards knowing where the opportunities are and knowing where the finish line is.

Over the years we’ve  expanded our knowledge of real estate to ultimately become a licensed real estate broker in Maryland but we’ve also been licensed as a real estate auctioneer/auction company serving small to medium sized law firms and institutions with the disposition of defaulted obligations and foreclosure services.

Regardless as to whether you are a novice investor, seasoned investor, homeowner, legal representative or simply a seller; we can work with you or as importantly, put you in the hands of someone who can work with you. Someone… we’d trust with our own real estate.

Take some time to visit our many websites designed to guide you through the many amazing opportunities available to you in real estate. Certainly feel free to contact us at any time, we’d love to chat with you and would be happy to help you understand real estate better.

Oftentimes, we can help in ways you’ve never thought possible.


P.S. You can learn more about my past as a Thoroughbred Race Horse Jockey here.


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